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More memory woes

I've been trying to port the code of the Open Random Bit to a flash pic, like the 12F675. First I had problems with memory banks and all that nasty stuff, but I think I figured a way out of that.
While simulating the code in MPSIM, I noticed that a block of memory that is supposed to be used by the ORB was crossed out in the memory view window. And sure enough: the 12F675 has less memory than the 12C671. It wasn't going to work anyway because of that.

The 12F683 has as much data memory as the 12C671, and even twice as much programming memory, so that seems like a prime candidate. Except that I don't have any of those chips available right now. And I'm not certain my programmer is able to program these chips -- I asked the creator of my programmer if it'll work out. If so, then I'll order some of those chips from him, and start the porting of the code anew...
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