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Caching hazards...

Sunday, we took colleague F. with us geocaching. He had been caching before us (he bought a GPS60 before we even considered getting one), but since his wife doesn't like the searching and calculating, he doesn't get to do a lot of caching. His wife had to study for her upcoming exams, so he had to get out of their flat for a few hours -- so we decided it would be perfect to go and have a bit of a stroll around the heath.

klik posted about the day with a few photos, so go read that if you want (and can).

But I have two additional anecdotes. You see, when I bought the GPSMAP 60CSx, F. was considering buying one too, but he decided he didn't need it. But now that he has seen its capabilities in the field, he has put it on his list of gadgets to buy. His wife is not pleased with that (the list is rather long and contains some costly items), for which we apologised.

Also, when we had just calculated the end coordinates of the second (and last) cache we did that day, F. had to take a leak. He went into the edge of a piece of forest, and we joked that he shouldn't pee all over the cache. But we had checked, and the cache location was nowhere near there.
But when we got to the supposed cache location, there was nothing to be found that resembled the hint... So I checked the description, and found out that a wrong number had been used for the calculation. We recalculated, and suddenly the arrow on the GPS pointed in the direction of the spot where F. had been urinating... He did tell us where not to look, and we did find the cache, mere meters away from that spot...
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