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Things I learned from my business trip to Lisbon

- The food that is served on the TAP flights is quite bad. The portions are small, and they're not very generous with the drinks either.
- Outsourcing security to the lowest bidder doesn't make anything more secure. It is merely an annoyance and will not deter determined evil-doers who can get their stuff past the security checks anyway.
- Even though I could understand some Portguese words, when I heard it spoken, it sounded almost like a Slavic language to me.
- When the person who books the hotel says: "It's close to the offices of the client", check that. It may be close when considered from the Netherlands, but may be half an hour by cab on site.
- Cab drivers are either quiet and efficient, or they fit the stereotype of cab drivers in southern european countries very, very well.
- "Child of a whore" is a recognisable curse in any language. (Yes, that is related to the previous point....)
- When a Portuguese driver sees a roundabout or a zebra crossing, he thinks: "Oh look, a parking spot...".
- The climate is pretty nice in the early autumn.
- It is amazing how many companies still have their employees working on iSeries machines. Simply run a terminal emulator, and watch everybody work with awkward command line interfaces in big black screens with green text.
- Somehow, the Portugese people I talked to seemed more elegant in their way of carrying themselves. Except for the cabbies.
- Portugese women are, in general, quite nice to look at. Very dark brown hair (though there are some blonde ones -- they tend to accentuate that by highlighting their hair like hell...), shapely eyebrows, often long(ish) hair, hourglass figure. I do suspect that they tend to 'explode' after having a few kids, though.
- There are an amazing number of bakeries with a terrace where you can drink something and eat a piece of the many varieties of pie.
- Office parks look the same no matter where you go.
- Business travel is tiring. You spend most of your time waiting.
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