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Gamer Guilt?

If you find yourself battling with so-called Gamers Guilt, then maybe you shouldn't play games so much. If you feel that you could have spent your time better on something more productive (for whatever definition of 'productive' you use), then stop playing games and go do those other things.

There is nothing wrong with deciding to play a game -- if it is a conscious decision. And if the game catches you and you spend quite a bit of time playing it? There is nothing wrong with that either, provided that you don't skimp on necessary acitivities such as basic hygiene, caring for your pets and work commitments.
If, in retrospect, you are appalled at how much time you spent on the game, then maybe it's a good idea to set an egg timer or something.

Just don't complain about it -- it was your own decision to play the game that long!
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