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Finished series: Najica Blitz Tactics

We've finished watching Najica Blitz Tactics.

Najica, who works as a perfumer by day, is a secret agent by night! She gets dangerous missions no-one else can do, such as retrieving an android girl (a 'humalite') from a well-guarded castle on an island! This android, who is called Lila, then becomes her partner -- Najica's objections that she works alone are overruled by her boss.
From then on, Najica gets missions to deal with other humalites, aided by Lila. Slowly, Najica's annoyance about Lila's presence gives way to feelings of camaraderie -- and she starts to teach Lila how to think for herself and become more human.

That is the plot of the series, but it is not what it is about. The series is about... pantyshots! All women wear impossibly short skirts, and camera angles are tactically chosen to expose their panties at any possible moment. When an action scene occurs, the focus is not on the action itself, but on the crotch of the (female) combatants...
At first, this is humorous in an absurd kind of way, but as the series progresses, it gets kinda old -- especially because it pretends to have a serious plot. But then, the next episode, they have Najica check the butts of idol singers to see who is the humalite...

Good points:
- Pantsu!
- If you can divert your attention away from the ridiculous amount of pantyshots, there is an actual plot.
Bad points:
- Too much focus on the pantsu.

All in all, a 4.5. (Also, this icon is made from a scene of the first episode from Najica. It is one of the more tamer scenes, too.)
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