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breyten asked me:

1. The projects you work on for TNJ seem rather Web 1.0 style (correct me if I'm wrong ;)) -- What is your view on the Web 2.0 hype?
Web 1.0? More like Web 0.1!
The product of TNJ is geared towards producing output. On paper. Insurance companies, mortgage lenders, leasing companies and a host of others use our product to produce lots and lots of printed paper -- often correspondence. The only web-like thing that's in there is a way to ask the user questions (to guide data retrieval, or for which text blocks have to be included, for instance) to produce the document. The product has this web-enabled query interface despite of, not because of, the final goal.

Anyway, the whole Web 2.0 hype is overrated. It is merely a logical continuation of the trend. The tools are there, it just took us a bit of time to get our heads around how to use them -- just like in the beginning of TV. Perhaps Web 2.0 is really Web 1.0, and what is called Web 1.0 is actually Newspaper 2.0!
Also, the next person to brag that he created a 'mashup' (which means putting a Google Maps widget on a page), gets a punch in the face.

2. You watch a lot of anime shows. Do you watch regular TV shows? Which ones?
No, and none.

3. Who's your favorite philosopher and why?
Note that I am not such an avid student of philosophy. From those that I am familiar with, I like Dennett's work best. He has some impressive views on cognitive science (pointing out that both connectionist and rule guided symbol manipulation models of intelligence can actually be unified and don't have to contradict each other, for instance). I am equally impressed by his stance on religion.

4. If you could do a new study at the University, what study would you do, and why?
I always said that if I had been smarter, I would have studied theoretical computer science. (A friend once corrected me, and said that I could have done that if I had been a bit more hardworking. He may have been right, I don't know.)
But if I had to restart now, I'd go to a HBO and learn electronics.

5. Which anime series would you like to see in a live action movie, and why?
It's hard to cram a series into a movie. A series is typically two seasons, which means 26 episodes. With about 20 minutes of actual meat to an episode, that's still 8.6 hours of content -- cramming that into a 2-hour movie will mean you will have to make choices as to what plot-lines to drop from the story.
That being said, I'd love to see a live-action version of Super Dimensional Fortress Macross. It has enough human interaction and drama to make it worthwhile as a live-action movie, and enough special effects to keep the CGI-jockeys happy. Or maybe Escaflowne -- it also has the mecha and human-sized drama, but it also has the added benefit of being set in a fantasy setting.
Interestingly enough, both have been condensed in an animated movie previously...
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