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Short holiday

Friday, we left for a short vacation. On our way to our destination, we decided to stop to do a multi near the largest waterfall in the Netherlands. However, we got stuck at the first waypoint: we found a yearnumber that followed the pattern in the description, but the calculation for the second waypoint made no sense with those numbers...
We wanted to see the waterfall anyway (hint: don't go there if you've been to Iceland or any other country with actual waterfalls -- you'll be dissapointed), and then it occured to me that the second waypoint was described rather extensively, as well as the route to it. So we followed the path in the hopes of spotting it -- and we did! Measuring back, we could reconstruct the year...
And so we followed the hints, found the clues and performed the large variety of tasks. A great cache (I added it to our 'recommended' bookmark list), but it's a bit longer than the advertised 5.5 km -- we regretted not taking anything to eat with us on the hike.
When we got back to the parking, we saw another geocaching team stand around the first waypoint. We were about to tell them the correct year (that we had deduced), when they pointed out there was a year mentioned on a little sticker on the other side of a sign -- I had to look twice to see it. All is well, then! We ate some fries at the stand on the parking (hmmm, parkeerfriet!), and were on our way.

We had a wonderful time at our B&B in Kampen, which was recommended to us by xaviar_nl and gertvr. It is a little house, rebuilt in traditional style -- and leaning against the side of a church no less! The apartment had every luxury one could imagine -- bubble bath, steam cabin, tanning bank, net-enabled PC...
We grabbed a quick bite, and when we got back home we watched The Avengers -- a dreadfully bad movie. I didn't even last until the end, but klik who did, said that she liked the opening scene best...

The next day, we went for a city walk through the historical town. It also happened to be the day of the yearly Stripspektakel. 'Strip', as in 'comic book' -- we didn't see anyone undress in public. ;)
We did manage to score quite a few interesting books -- there was a stand that sold 5 hardcover comics for EUR 10. Considering that one could scrounge up a whole series (or at least, anything that had been published for that series) from the buckets, and that a single volume carried a suggested retail price of EUR 14, one can consider that a lucky find.

And today, after another great breakfast and packing our things, we went to Schokland, a former island. It used to be a peninsula, but due to peat harvesting, it became an island. The island got smaller and smaller, until in 1859, all people were evacuated from the island because it was sinking into the sea. Only the church was allowed to stand on the abandoned island... But when the Noordoostpolder was 'exaquated', Schokland was once again accessible. It is now a world heritage site, apparently.
We walked around there for a bit, but then went onwards, to the Waterloopbos. This is a forest that houses lots of waterwork models, that were used for studies. Some for fundamental studies, others were scale models of particular harbours or dams. With the advance in computer simulation, the models aren't needed anymore, and the whole forest was sold/given to a nature preservation foundation. There's a walking route through the forest, visiting most of the scale models. You will all have to wait for klik to post her photos -- suffice to say that the combination of decaying scientific models and nature is very beautiful. This one also is recommended!

And now we're back, and 'decompressing' a bit before returning to work tomorrow.
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