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Linux and Windows, the saga continues...

Today we are leaving on a short vacation. Obviously, we have to do some geocaching near where we are staying. I actually booted back into Linux to make use of my self-written 'grab stuff from the gc.com website and compile a single file'-Python script.

And this has me wondering. I have been experimenting with mencoder (on WinXP), and while I do manage to get a decent file, there are some things that do not work correctly yet -- such as embedded fonts for subtitles etc.
But AviSynth is being rebuilt from the ground up, and the new version will be usable on Linux as well.

Also, the only things I need WinXP for, is uploading stuff to the GPS and for recoding videos. Couldn't I do these on a Virtual Machine? With the added bonus that you can suspend a VM at any time you choose, without losing all the work that has already been done...

Here is a how-to on how to install WinXP in a VM under Ubuntu. Might have to experiment with that later on.
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