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nathreee interviews me

It's the usual meme, you know the drill.

1) How did you first discover anime and what is it that got you hooked?
I wrote about this two years ago. As with many people my age, it was Robotech and the death of Roy Focker.

2) A very similar question: How did you first discover geocaching and what is it that got you hooked?
I had been vaguely aware of geocaching -- I don't know how. I think my general interest in technology exposed me to GPS and selective availability, and from there to geocaching. I had never looked into it.
Then we had the 'consultants fun day' at TNJ, and we walked around with GPS units to find clues and find locations. We both had a great time, and FJ remarked that he had done some geocaching before with his own GPSr. Which prompted me to look into it. Then we got present-money from grandma, and we decided to buy a GPSr.
I think the moment I got hooked was when we found our first cache, on the last day of 2006, together with babarage, gertvr and xaviar_nl. The walk itself was fun, but finding the cache and putting our stamp in the logbook was too cool.

3) What do you think of larp and would you ever consider going to a larp event?
LARPs involving rubber swords are definately not my thing. I've seen a few LARPs in progress, and it definately doesn't appeal to me to run through the woods screaming.
LARPs involving non-physical conflict resolution are interesting, though. I've done a bit of acting in an Amber semi-LARP (which gave rise to the immortal phrase: "One more step, and the tree gets it!"), and the LARP rules for Nobilis are interesting as well. But I don't think I'd want to spend a whole weekend playing them.

4) Before you had a PC, did you have a Commodore or an Atari? And what was your favourite game?
The first computer I used all by myself was a P200C, which my dad took home from work. Years later, I would get my own computer -- not a C64, but something better: an MSX. A Toshiba HX-10, to be precise. (Look at that price: 22 years ago, it was almost EUR 500 for something with less power than the average cell phone these days...)
We knew someone who was heavily into computers, and he had a C64. But he told us the MSX has/had a better BASIC ("Als je wilt poken, dan moet je gewoon een open haard kopen!"), so that enabled me to create my own programs with relative ease. Obviously, once you get into 'the circuit', getting games is not much of a problem.
Years later I got an MSX2, with a disk drive -- no more waiting for half an hour for the game to load off the tape recorder! I played an ungodly amount of Elite, but the best game has to be Metal Gear. I bought my PS1 and PS2 to play the sequels -- that should tell you something. :)

5) Do you ever wear white socks?
The only white socks I have are the socks to be used in my running shoes. So I guess I have to answer "seldomly".
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