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Eight years later...

We visited Italy in '99, and spent a lot of time with locals muri_san and his wife in Milan. We met a few of their friends, and they took us to Gioca Modena, a games convention. I did my Amber Vikings game, and then we went for a walk around Modena with a very small Italian girl and a dog twice her size. Afterwards, I played in a 'Four Musketeers'-game of OnStage as the Duke of Buckingham. (Note the ghastly not-quite-short hairdo I had at the time.)

A year later, we visited the sister of the small girl in Wageningen -- she had gone there to study, I think. It was the first time we had home-made Tiramisu. There was talk of an RPG campaign, but due to the vaguaries of travel and time, that never got off the ground. I think we saw her one time later, because klik had made her a pair of pants.

And yesterday, I got a mail in broken Dutch from an Italian mail adress. It was an invitation to attend Gioca Modena '07, because they would also have part of the program in English. Quite a surprise -- apparently we are still in the books there!
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