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Family outings

We had thought of a plan to get klik's grandma to the exposition of her work, then to swing by her parents in order to congratulate her sister who is celebrating her birthday this week.
Obviously, a lot of kilometers. When we proposed the plan to klik's parents, their reaction was: "We're in, but good luck getting Grandma to agree!" Apparently she feels she is imposing too much on others with things like travel -- or something like that.

Grandma is 94, and is still living on her own. In a flat on the first floor -- without an elevator. One time when we went to visit her, she was complaining she had to take two different types of medicine every day. I know people my age who take more medicines, but hey.

Anyway, I called her. She has a soft spot for me, apparently, because she readily agreed to go along with the plan. She did object that we would have to travel a lot, but I countered that it would be fun! Other than that, she was all in favor.

klik's mother has threatened to use me to get grandma to go along with her plans.
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