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The Linux experiment -- failed?

The past days I have been looking for a way to transcode H264-encoded video (mostly in Matroska containers) into XVid AVIs, under Linux. Mencoder goes a long way, but it apparently can't deal with variable frame rates in video, and so the output gets borked. Searching for a solution to this problem, I found only tutorials on how to do this with AviSynth and VirtualDub -- Windows programs.

I am getting tired of this. Under WinXP, I had a whole toolchain that worked. I could upload stuff to my GPS. Under Linux, this doesn't work out of the box.

I have two choices: either I invest a lot of time and effort to replicate my toolchain under Linux, or I switch back to WinXP and go back to my old toolset. And now I am thinking: "Sure, Linux is sexy, but do I want to invest all that time right now?"

I'm thinking I don't.

(Still, I'll write any new software as a Python script, because that works under Linux too. So that I could use the scripts on both platforms.)
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