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Finished series: Bartender

We've finished watching Bartender. My first episode review is here.

Ryu Sasakura is a bartender, who runs 'Eden Hall'. There, he serves his customers 'the glass of the gods': cocktails carefully selected to go with their mood and personality type. And frankly, the series is not about him, it's about the liquor he serves and about the customers he serves it to. Especially the explanations about the types of liquor and why that particular drink was suited to that particular customer are pretty dry, but if you're interested in that sort of thing, here is your chance to brush up on your booze skillz.

No-one could describe this series as 'action-packed'. In fact, it's all quite static: people sit at the bar, and Ryu serves them their drinks. The exposition 'needed' in an episode is done by characters who previously figured in the series -- sitting on a chouch, or at the oden stand close to Eden Hall, they talk about a particular customer or a particular type of liquor. One could think of this as weak story-telling, and perhaps it is, but it didn't bother us overly much. Instead, it gives off an almost documentary-like style.

The voice acting carries the series, and it's pretty good. It is almost refreshing to hear 'adult' voices in a series for once, and not adults trying to sound like adolescents. :)
The music is understated, but the opening and ending theme are quite nice piano-bar like melodies. During the (live-action) ending theme, we see the cocktail that was featured in the episode being prepared by an actual bartender.

Good points:
- Subject matter is out of the ordinary;
- Good voice acting;
- Brush up on your cocktail recipes!
Bad points:
- Dry narrative style.

All in all, a 6.5. Enjoyable, but if you're not interested in liquor, this series has nothing for you.
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