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Some stuff that happened the last few days:
- Our manager has gotten a different position (innovation manager) at TNJ. He was still our manager, ad interim, and monday the new manger will start at TNJ. Wednesday we had a 'goodbye-dinner'. In the name of all the consultants, we presented him with a LED-lit andon, for signalling that someone had a great new idea. Towards the end of the evening, the conversations were very interesting;
- On Friday, my holiday started. klik's started one day earlier;
- Yesterday, we celebrated the wedding of O&M. O was the MC at our wedding. We had a great time, and O&M did, too;
- We made an andon for them, but we never took it out of the car because we feared it would be ruined by all the rain;
- We slept in a pretty basic hotel, in the city centre of Gouda -- so we didn't have to travel back home;
- Today, we swung by grandma in Beverwijk. We went shopping for lunch with her, then had aforementioned lunch, and chatted quite a bit. By then I was getting sleepy, so we went back home around half past two-ish;
- Tuesday, we'll leave for Denmark. We're going to visit paultje -- it's been a long time since we went there;
- I'll be making a selection of caches to find in Denmark within the next few days;
- Slightly tired now. :)

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