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The weekend was quite busy. Saturday we went to babarage, where we met up with xaviar_nl and gertvr. We had a relaxed afternoon and a delicious dinner, but after that we went all-out with two games of 'Oh Hell!', a trick-playing card game with some special effects cards that had the potential to shake things up quite a bit.

Sunday, we went to a geocaching event: the third annual Poffertjesevent. There were a lot of people (though slightly less than at the GME), so there was little chance of missing a waypoint when doing the short walk in the park to get the coordinates of the event location. There we ate some poffertjes (with cherries and ice cream!), had a chat with the main organiser, looked at coins and showed ours, bought two coin-and-pin sets, grabbed a Travel Bug that had been lost after being placed in the event last year(!), and then set out to do a slightly longer cacher a bit further away from the event terrain. We don't mind meeting fellow geocachers (all the ones we talked with so far are Good People), but we don't particularly fancy walking right behind the group in front of us.

The one we selected was De Fanfare, a cache that encoded the coordinates with music notes. Each waypoint also had a hint for the cache location.
When we came to the first waypoint, we met up with a father&daughter team -- but since the daughter didn't feel like walking a lot (and because she wanted to get back to the event terrain, where the carrousel and jumping cushion were), they were not going to do the walk. Father had been prepared, though -- he had made a drawing of the musical instruments used in the encoding of the cache coordinate, and we made a photo of his drawings. This saved us a lot of puzzling later on!
The walk was nice, but we had to get to the other side of the highway twice. This meant we had to walk along a path that ran alongside a busy road -- a pity. Also, it was slightly longer than we would have liked to do at that time, but we managed.
The hint for the cache location says that the cache is located on private property, behind a wall. The thing is: there are three private properties at that location: one is a pancake restaurant, one is a house and the other is a school. Good luck with determining where you have to be! We stumbled around the cars in the parking lot of the restaurant, and when we went to the direction of the house, a dog started barking and a girl told us pointedly that we were trespassing! Of course, we retreated quickly, but she kept a close watch on us -- and with good reason. We were getting suspicious of ourselves by then!
Of course, it was the school, and we could log without too much problems. I will mail the maintainer of the cache, though, and complain about this. A better hint, or even better: a new hiding place, would make this all lots easier on everyone.
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