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mencoder is a pretty cool application -- it seems to be AviSynth and VirtualDub rolled into one. Also, whereas VirtualDub tended to 'hang' after encoding a file, mencoder actually ends. This means I can create batch files, which I can then just 'fire off', instead of having to manually intervene when VirtualDub hangs once again.

The only downside is that mencoder finds it hard to use more than one of the two virtual cores I have on my CPU. I have a Hyperthreading P4, which means the OS sees two CPU cores. However, mencoder only manages to pull one of those to 100%, where the other keeps hanging around 25% or so. VirtualDub took everything the CPU had to offer, and so using mencoder means longer encoding times. Given the fact that my computer is doing nothing almost all of the time, that doesn't bother me much: with the benefit of batch files, who cares if the encoding takes six or seven hours? I'm at work during that time anyway!
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