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The Linux Experiment

Things that do not work (yet):
- I can't get avidemux to actually recode the video -- even though I add filters etcetera, the program insists on simply copying the video stream. This needs more research.
- gpsbabel is a package that communicates with the GPS unit and can up- and download tracks and waypoints. However, due to the kernel being compiled with a certain USB option, I can't do this under (my specific version of) Linux. Fixing this means recompiling the kernel -- I'm not willing to do that just yet. I also am wary of simply downloading a pre-compiled kernel from someone and installing that.
- OpenOffice writer is a dreadfully bad program for pasting pages of HTML in. I used to do this with MS Word, and then edit cache descriptions to tone down the number of pages needed, but OO.org Writer keeps crashing and messing things up.

Also, I realised that I have a tremendous investment in Windows -- in the form of small programs and little scripts that fix things for me. I have a database of our fansub collection in an MS Access database, with a Visual Basic program on top. If I want to watch something, I start up that program to see which disc I need to retrieve from the library.
As I write this, I am downloading/installing Wine, the 'MS Windows compatibility layer'. We'll see how well it runs my programs -- if it works, there is one less reason to boot into XP.

Other than that, I am quite pleased with how things are going so far.
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