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The Linux Experiment

After doubling the size of my two partitions, I still had lots of space left. What better way to fill those empty sectors than with a new OS?

I've been interested in Linux for quite a few years, and I've done my share of Linux installs on servers and the like. But for my everyday computer usage, I have stuck with Windows -- perhaps it's laziness to just go with the flow and use what everybody else uses.
After reading all the hype about Ubuntu (mostly greatbiggary's) and all the talk about the restrictive measures in taken in Windows Vista, my interest in Linux has increased again. I had downloaded a Ubuntu live-CD before and installed that on an old P3 machine I had still lying around, but I never got around to actually use that machine.

Now, with the extra space I had, I decided to download the latest version, and install it on the remaining drivespace.

The concept of a live-CD that serves as an installer is nothing short of brilliant. You have a full OS at your disposal, which means that everyone can easily contribute tools to improve the installation process -- instead of coding against a stripped-down version of the OS, you can use pretty much anything that's on the live-CD. You don't have to reboot three times to install Ubuntu -- instead you reboot only once, at the end of the install. During the install, you can surf the net. How cool is that!?

Ubuntu plays well with others: it wanted to shrink my Windows partitions and use the rest of the space, but it also offered to just use the space that remained on the harddisk. It installs a bootloader so you can boot into Linux or Windows just as your fancy strikes you. And updating the whole thing is quite simple. Installing software is also quite simple: search for something in the large list of packages, check it's 'install'-box, and off it goes. I am typing this in LogJam, a Linux LJ client that I found by searching for 'livejournal' in the package manager.

I am going to see what I can do in Linux, and what still requires Windows. I'm not ready yet to switch over completely, but we'll see how much time I spend in one OS and how much in the other.

I just wish I had two things:
- A way to set my screen resolution above 1024x768;
- A website that listed Linux alternatives for popular (and not-so-popular) Windows software.
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