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Last week, we doubled the amount of RAM in klik's machine -- working with the 27 megapixel pictures that her scanner gives her was pushing the 512MB RAM her machine had to the limit.

Last weekend, I decided I wanted more RAM in my machine as well, so I bought another 512MB stick. I also got myself a new harddisk: 320GB, as opposed to the old 120GB. I've been using the 120GB Maxtor clunker for a few years now, and I was starting to wonder just what the MTBF of those drives were...
Since then, I have been trying to clone the harddisk onto the new one -- I don't want to reinstall the OS and all applications from scratch!

Most tools perform... dissapointingly. I tried the tools from Western Digital (the new HD is a WD drive -- much less seek noise than the Maxtor!), but those crapped out. Then I tried DrvClonerXP and Acronis TrueImage, but those didn't produce reliable copies. Either you couldn't boot, or CHKDSK 'cleaned' the disk so much that the WINDOWS directory dissapeared...

At last, I tried DriveImage XML. And that works -- even from inside Windows. Just partition your drive, point DriveImage XML to it, and clone! I am now typing this from a machine that booted from the new harddisk. Next time, I'll save myself the agony and trouble and use DriveImage XML immediately.
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