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"LJ censors!"

There's some outcry because LJ reportedly removed some accounts, reportedly reacting on pressure by some group of idiots. I haven't really researched the accusations, can't be bothered to.

Just let me point out two facts:
First: As per article 11 of the LJ Terms of Service, LJ can and may remove any content and terminate any account. At whim. "sole discretion" and "for any reason" mean just that.
LJ is not your personal website where you can do whatever you want. If you need webspace that is independent of anyone else, get some -- it's quite cheap. Otherwise, you have agreed to be at the mercy of the LJ staff.

Second: This has nothing to do with the First Amendment or 'freedom of speech'. LJ is not the government, and thus they are not bound to honor any sort of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech does not grant you the right to put anything you want on LJ.

I really am getting a bit tired of all the "OMFG, LJ is teh 3v1l!"-waves that pop up, swell under a lot of momentum and then die out as quickly as they rise, because it always degenerates into a lot of shouting, wild accusations and far-fetched (conspiracy) theories.
Remember when 6A took over LJ, and the Death of LJ was imminent? Yeah, that never happend too.
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