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Finished series: Bokura ga Ita

We've finished watching Bokura ga Ita.

Yano is the most popular boy in school. Just about every girl fancies him, but Nanami can't stand his bravado and teasing. Precisely because she isn't impressed with him, Yano gradually opens up to her, because he doesn't need to maintain his popular facade. And gradually, Nanami falls in love with him.

Obviously, their happiness can't last forever, because that doesn't make for good television -- and you need to have some drama to fill those 26 episodes. Yano's previous girlfriend cheated on him with her previous abusive boyfriend, and so he has a hard time trusting women. Also, she died in a car accident (while in the car of aforementioned previous boyfriend) while she was having a fight with Yano because he forgot her birthday. Then Yano has some sort of consolation sex with her sister (his classmate), which adds to the fucked-upness.
All this still has its effect on Yano, and it affects his relationship with Nanami. And at school he still maintains his 'cool' mask, which makes it even more confusing. And then several people start to interfere, and it all blows up but somehow it gets better again...

It all starts quite romantic and promising, but soon it started to remind me of Peach Girl: lots of misunderstandings, feelings that are not spoken out, etc etc. I liked the romantic stuff, but I found I had very little patience for the endless drama and drivel. I was hoping Nanami would just get together with Yano's friend, because he's much more civilised and not as fucked up... I don't know if that says something about me or about the serie's main couple.

Visually, the series has a quite distinct style. The character designs aren't moe at all, but not quite realistic either -- it's a bit of a cartoonish style. Colors are muted, which works quite well to emphasize the characters instead of the backgrounds.
This series was the debut for the voice acress for Nanami, and she did a really good job of it. The rest of the voice acting is quite good too. The music is nice, but not really special.

Good points:
- Starts of interesting and romantic;
- Distinct visual style;
- Good voice acting.
Bad points:
- Turns into 'relationship drama of the week' before soon;
- Sort-of ends.

I'll give the series a 7. Could have been higher with a better scenario.
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