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Or maybe I don't need shift registers after all...

I had planned to do charlieplexing with 10 leads (so 90 LEDs), but as I had found out earlier, that's just not going to work because of the really short delays I would need to keep a consistently multiplexed series of LEDs.

But 10 can be divided into 2 series of 5 leads -- each series could be charlieplexed into 20 leads, yielding 40 leads. 13 RGB LEDs need 39 leads, so that would fit... Sure, things would get roughly three times as expensive with respect to components, but the boards will be much, much simpler and smaller (and hence cheaper too).

I changed my testing firmware, and I can get away with a delay of 4 * 256 instructions -- four times as much.

Back to the drawing board, I guess.
Tags: electronics project, random led rail

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