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Finished series: Honey and Clover II

A series that's been in the review queue for quite a while: Honey and Clover II. See my first episode review here.

I had hoped that a lot of the narrative threads would get resolved, and they did in some way. But somehow the charming innocence of the gang falls away as they are forced to grow up and face the harsh reality of Real Life -- every one of them in their own way.
That also means that the focus shifts from character to character, and sometimes you don't even get to see the others, as a plotline involving a single character gets resolved. This further reinforces the idea that the easygoing days of college are over -- an atmosphere that was the main draw for me for the first series.

Some plots are resolved (we get to find out why Morita is obsessed with money), for some the closing moves are made (the lovelives of Yamada and Mayama get untangled somewhat). There is one plot that is started (Hagumi's accident), but that is used to resolve the main plot of the series. In the end, Takemoto and Hagumi are just not meant to be an item, and Takemoto has to accept that he will not lead a life that is as heroic as he had imagined it to be....

There are still some funny moments, but the main sentiments are melancholy and nostalgia for the easy days. I found that a pity.
Or perhaps those emotions are only within me, because I felt the same way right after graduating from university: slowly, people start working and move away, and the time of long evenings spent together drinking, talking and gaming are over.

Good things:
- Quality is still consistent;
- Closure on most fronts of the plot.
Bad things:
- Feels a lot less cheerful than the first series.

All in all, a 7. A must if you liked the first series, but it doesn't have the same atmosphere.
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