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Blue Dragon: Young boy in a fantasy/sci-fi mixture world wants to become a Strong Hero! He encounters two people who refuse to teach him. Then the village gets attacked by the Dark Empire, and he turns out to have hidden supernatural powers!
Apparently it's based on the game that is supposed to sell lots of Xbox 360s in Japan. Good luck with that, Microsoft! The plot is juvenile and uninteresting, the main character is a total brat, and the plot and visuals look like they were ripped from Dragonball Z.

Natsuki Crisis: Retro-sub from an OVA from '94. Natsuki is the star of the karate club. One day, a transfer student, Takaoa, enters the school. Turns out that she is a wrestler who is still pursued by the martial arts clubs from her old school, causing quite a bit of trouble...
Quite well animated for something from '94, but with this being a fighting anime that promises us a catfight every episode (watch those panties when they do a backflip while wearing their school uniform!), we just weren't interested.

Sisters of Wellber: A princess kills the prince she was supposed to maary (a political marriage to stave off a war between the two countries) and has to flee to escape the death penalty. She is sent on a mission to a third country, and she is accompanied by a cat burglar (with a little naked sprite as familiar) and a cybernetic, steam-powered tank...
There's not much else to say about it. It's quite well drawn and animated, but the plot seems random and we just couldn't care about the characters.

Bokurano: When a few kids go into a cave during a summer camp, they find a secret base there, staffed by a single man. He tells them that he is developing a computer game, and they agree to 'test-drive' his system for him. It turns out that he wasn't entirely speaking the truth: invaders from space try to attack earth, and the mecha he built is the only way to stop them -- and the kids have to pilot it! As an added twist, there's some involuntary teleporting going on, and the mecha are invisible to onlookers...
It'll probably turn into a huge inter-personal drama as some kids want to fight and some others want to run away, which could make for interesting viewing. Visual style is pretty cool, and while not all characters are likable, they're all interesting.

Romeo X Juliet: In the floating city of Neo Verona, the Montague family killed the Capulets -- only a few got away, including then-princess Juliet. When a Capulet is found, they are executed by the Montagues, so Juliet has to hide -- she disguises herself as a man, called Odin. She and her sister live with the playwright William(!) who struggles to create his next masterpiece. Juliet occasionally dons a disguise as some sort of red-caped crusader, to battle against the Montagues. In the first episode she gets into a bit of a bind, but then she is saved by prince Romeo riding his pegasus...
Big-budget anime from Gonzo. Sure-fire hit. Technically perfect, but I'm not so sure about the story -- but I guess I'm the only one.
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