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Saint Beast: Kouin Jojishi Tenshi Tan: Not all is well in heaven. Zeus, the supreme deity, has classified the angels in three strata, causing strife amongst the angels. Some angels are worried about what this might mean for the future. Meanwhile, six angels who will control all of the animals on Earth will be selected soon.
Really, that is all that happens in the first episode. Lots of pretty boys doing... nothing, I guess. The atmosphere reminded me of Gakuen Heaven -- if you liked that one, this one will be of interest to you too. Artwork and voice acting is decent, but nothing special, so there's no reason to watch it for the visuals.

El Cazador de la Bruja: The third coming of Noir, the second coming of Madlax. Two girls, one bountyhunter and one (with mysterious powers) hunted, on the run towards some sort of magical Aztec city, chased by bountyhunters in the employ of some sort of corporation with nefarious plans.
Once again, it looks good. Bee-train is perfecting their trademark scenario, and it shows. If you're in the mood for more Noir/Madlax, this is your fix.

Heroic Age: Answering the call of the mythical 'Golden Tribe', mankind launches into space. There they encounter four other spacefaring races, and they get into a war with the insectoid 'Silver Tribe'. The queen (of mankind?) sets out in search of something that will save mankind, guided by the prophecies the Golden Tribe left behind. Her ship finds a broken planet, and on it lives the boy Eiji. Then the Silver Tribe attacks...!
Very impressive sci-fi series, with budget to burn. The animation is incredibly clean and detailed, the CGI is smooth and well-integrated into the cell-shaded animation. The technology is cool, the plot interesting and the battles exciting. One to watch!
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