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The past three days, we have been working in our front garden.

You see, we shared a garden path with the neighbours. This weekend, they have dismantled their half of the path, enlarged their garden and placed 'flagstones' to walk on. Which meant we were stuck with half a path... The stones of the path were available, so we could have laid the path in our garden, but neither of us is any good in paving. It would probably have looked quite ugly.

So we had to think of something else.

We bought ten black cubical pots and placed them on where our half of the path used to be, and filled those with grasses and other green, structural plants. We bought seven bankirai (wooden) stepping platforms and placed those in the garden to walk on.

All this took us three days to think up, order the stuff and implement. Our hands are completely shot, and we're tired. But it looks quite cool now.
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