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OverDrive (about which I can't find any online references): Clumsy schoolboy suddenly gets the chance to talk to a girl he has been looking at since middle school. He easily gets carried away, which is a good (?) trait for cyclists to have. She asks him to join the bicycle club, but he refrains. A weird dream at night makes him reconsider...
Sports anime, with a clumsy lead actor and an irritating wench as love interest. Not our thing.

Koutetsu Sangokushi: Fantasy anime. The ruler of a small kingdom gets his grubby hands on the 'Sovereign Seal' by killing Rikuson's father, who was the guardian of the seal. Using the seal's power, the king turns into the Barbarian King, an unstoppable killing machine, and his armies easily defeat the armies of larger countries. Rikuson's master sends him away to enter the service of the Barbarian King, to ascertain his worthiness as holder of the Seal. But then the seal gets stolen, and it awakens Rikuson's innate powers!
Quite an epic story, well-drawn... And it has many a tender moment between Rikuson and his Master...

Shining Tears X Wind: based on a dating-and-RPG by SEGA. Basically, people cross over between the current world and 'the Dream Continent' called 'End-Earth'. Akizuki gets sucked into this together with Kureha, after helping cat-girl Mao defeat a Beast-man that had crossed over into 'our' Earth. Then Kureha gets attacked and she and Akizuki have a bit of a Utena moment where he pulls a sword out of her 'heart', with which he can easily defeat the monsters that have appeared!
I find it very hard to be enthusiastic about a rather formulaic plot. Also, the RPG is was based on was deemed 'the worst PS2 RPG' by X-play...
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