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The Russians are busy building their own satellite positioning system, called 'Glonass' (short for Global Navigation Satellite System). (As an aside, why is it that everyone seems to think that navigation is the only thing you could use a positioning system for...? And I'll bet that the Glonass signal doesn't provide routing information at all -- that will be left to the device!)

An interesting development. Suppose you have a three-in-one system that can receive GPS, Glonass and Galileo signals -- would the overlap in signals increase precision and performance? How do the signals compare? Would adding this new system to an existing GPS chip set increase the complexity dramatically?

Also of interest is that this is a military system, just like the GPS system is. However, it is improbable that both systems will be distorted in exactly the same way at the same time -- which means your receiver would still work in Iran...
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