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Finished series: Gokujou Seitokai

We've finished watching Gokujou Seitokai. My first episode review is here.

Randou Rino has lost her mother, who only left her a handpuppet, Pucchan. Rino and Pucchan have lively discussions, much to the puzzlement of many onlookers. Some mysterious Mr. Poppit has arranged for Rino to be transferred to Miyagami Academy. But the apartment building she was supposed to stay has burned down, and Rino is forced to spend the night in the outdoors... But not all hope is lost: if she manages to become part of the Student Council (led by Jinguji Kanade), she will get board and food free of charge! You see, the Student Council runs the school -- the director of the school is the very same Kanade who also heads the student council!
Pucchan helps stopping an arsonist, and Rino is allowed into the Student Council as secretary.

And so begins Rino's school life. The Student Council is organised quite curiously: there's the 'Covert', who spy on parties who would interfere with school life, and there is the 'Assault', who confront anyone the Covert points out. Add a few more curious characters to the mix (such as the American Cindi, who only speaks in English, or the landlady who is only eleven years old), and it gets pretty weird.
Meanwhile, Rino stumbles through it all, being a really dimwitted character. Pucchan (who does seem to have a mind of his own and has some autonomy when 'worn' by someone) helps her out, but most often she relies on her friends of the Student Council. Especially Kanade seems quite interested in Rino.

There is a surprising plot. It turns out that the Jinguiji family has some sort of semi-magical powers to make their will come true. Kanade is set to become the new head of the house, which means she has lived in a guilded cage all her life. Settign up the school was her only chance to have something of a normal school life. But there are those who want to know her secret, and those who are in on the whole deal and protect her.
And it turns out that Rino is actually a family member of Kanade! Kanade promised Rino's mother to take care of her, and is the secretive Mr. Poppit. And then there is the issue of Pucchan's autonomy...
In the end, it all comes together in the next-to-last episode. And in the last episode, things return to 'normal' (as normal as school life in Miyagami Academy gets). It's not really a conclusion, but it's good enough for me.

Music is suitably 'genki', voice acting is good (except for Cindi's English). Visually, the series doesn't dazzle, but it's certainly adequate. The character designs are pretty plain, though.

Good things:
- Wacky!
- Has an unexpected deep plot.
Bad things:
- The wackiness can come across as quite random.

All in all, a competently executed comedy with a few serious twists. A 7.
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