Hein (fub) wrote,

The weekend

Saturday morning Ingeborg had to work, so I slacked off all morning (though I did finish doing the dishes). That evening we had Noor's birthday party in Zeeland (the village, not the province). It was fun in a laid-back sort of way, even though I hardly knew anyone. Afterwards, we went to my parents' to spend the night there.

The next morning Ingeborg had an appointment with the girl next door, who gave her advice on makeup and stuff. I didn't stick around for that, I had Astrid's Amber campaign at noon. The session didn't really flow well, though we did manage to pull off what we had worked so hard for: Thor actually signed the contract we had prepared. The Vanir and Amber are once again officially allies against Chaos.

It almost went too easy, but then Heimdall showed up: apparently the Ice and Fire Giants had struck a deal with the Svartalves: gates had been created all over Midgard, and giants were marching out. We quickly assessed the situation (who would have thought that Freya kept a map of Midgard handy?) and Freya explained how we could use her temples to transport troops all over Midgard.
The rest of the session was spent mobilising troops and ferrying them from one place to another. We had also split up, so there was little screen-time for all of us. I hadn't slept too much (stayed up to watch the end of Total Recall and had to get up too early), and that didn't help either.

Next session will start with Nikolai desperately trying to battle off the first unit of 40 (!) Ice Giants -- and the rest of us is next.

When we got home, we discovered that Fields of Rock was still going strong in the Goffertpark. The wind was 'right', so we had to listen to the last bit of the festival -- I was happy when it was over, at 23:00 (last song was Metallica's 'Enter Sandman'). Hardrock doesn't do anything for me, and I would rather have slept at that time. I'm not too fit right now.

Oh, and that second game of Cartagena? I dealt Ingeborg and Babske a crushing defeat!

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