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No television!? Inconceivable!

Even since we ended our subscription to UPC cable, we're getting letters from them: "If you don't react soon (read: start paying us), we'll cut off your TV signals!" Which was the bloody point of ending our subscription.

Now I get a letter with an answer form that has an actual checkbox saying "No, stick your TV signals where the sun don't shine and don't bother me again!". Which is certainly a step up from only having "ZOMG! Please don't cut off the TV signals, and please let me pay you!" on the form.

However, there is also a link to a website where you can make your wishes known to the faceless hordes under UPCs command. And lo and behold, it even has the "NO"-option on the form!

Except that the Einsteins that made this form didn't test it on that option. If you click on 'No', fill in your 'unique letter code' and click on 'Send', nothing happens. I checked the source, and the validation function requires that you fill in your name and adress etc -- but that doesn't show on the form if you check the 'No'-option! You don't get any feedback, it just sits there and does nothing.
Also, if they sent me a friggin' letter with a unique code, why the hell would I have to fill in my address if I did want to renew my TV subscription?

UPC... Can't they get ANYTHING right!? Sheesh.
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