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Finished series: Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na Crescent Love

I have quite a large backlog of anime series we've finished that I 'need' to write a full series review of. I'll try to get cracking on this.

Anyway, we've watched Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na Crescent Love. My first episode review is here.

Ever since the war between Earth and the Moon, relations between the UN and the Kingdom of the Moon are... strained. In order to normalise relations and to work together for greater prosperity, it is decided that princess Feena of the Moon will do a 'homestay' with the secretary of the President of the UN. And thus Tatsuya, a normal high-schooler, finds the princess in his house one day! He helps Feena adjust to life on Earth, and shows her the sights of things that are rare/impossible on the Moon (such as rivers).

The series presents a weird mix of comedy and seriousness. On one hand, there is the photographer dude who always arranges weird situations (and then runs away in three seconds), or Natsuki's older brother whose pay is always being cut, and on the other hand there are the serious consequences Tatsuya and Feena must face when they admit they are in love. Sometimes, this balance is off and the 'jokes' are not funny or even annoying. And I think leaving out the supernatural aspect would have made a better story -- but I guess the writers needed a Deus Ex Machina to 'fix' certain things. For a 'moe' series, the ending is quite tense, which is laudable.

Good points:
- Decent voice acting;
- SF and moe, a golden combination.
Bad points:
- Unfunny comedy at times;
- Meanders too much in the beginning and feels too rushed in the end.

In the end, the series is not really anything special. If it's your thing, you'll enjoy it, but it won't win anyone over to the genre. A 6.5.
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