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Big Red Button

The software for the Big Red Button is finished. I have a client program that runs on the desktop, which logs any press of the button to a PHP script on a website. Periodically, it calls another script on that website, and the progress on other locations is reported back.
The whole thing is configurable (obviously): whether you have a hardware button (if not, you get a button on the window to log completing a model), whether you want to play a sound (if yes, which sound file), and even the transparency of the windows (so that it can run relatively unobtrusive). If the program checks the progress on other locations, and progress has been made, it flashes the window in the taskbar to get your attention.

I might make a "web-client", which offers the same functionality (minus the hardware button and the sound, obviously) in a webpage -- but I would have to feel extra productive between now and wednesday, and there is little chance of that happening. ;)

All that's left to do is to make a box with a button, connected to about 5 meters of UTP cable and a serial port. Maybe add two LEDs. We've done that before, that's not much of a problem. Tomorrow I'm going to record my colleague doing the yell. :)

I'm thinking of wrapping it all up when it's finished, and to publish it on the Instructables site. It's cooky enough to be appreciated there.
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