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Finished series: Genesis Climber Mospeada

We finished watching Genesis Climber Mospeada, a rather old series (20 years!), that served as the basis of the 'New Generation' cycle of the Robotech TV series (which, incidentally, introduced me to anime). I have a lot of fond memories of the series: it was completely different from anything I've had seen until then -- and after all these years, the series is still charming, but shows its age.

The Earth has been invaded by mysterious aliens known as the Inbit ("Invid" in Robotech-speak). The series tells the story of Stig Barnard, a soldier of the Second Earth Liberation Army from Mars Base. The Second Liberation Force is wiped out by the superior Inbit forces, and only a handful of soldiers survive long enough to reach the surface. Sadly, Stig's fiancee, a bridge-bunny on the shuttle he was supposed to protect, dies when her shuttle explodes during atmosphere re-entry.
Stig assembles a rag-tag band of cast-aways and makes his way to the Inbit's Reflex Point, their headquarters on Earth for the final battle.

The way the Inbit manage the Earth and its population is really interesting. In the beginning, they seem to rule the Earth by fear: they strike deals with the local population to eradicate as many surviving soldiers as possible. People want to be left alone, so they cooperate out of fear -- it made me think of the way the Nazi's managed the countries they had occupied. In the end, you feel sympathy for the Inbit: they just want to be left alone, but the humans force them to fight time and again.

We get to see a lot of the Inbit mindset: it seems they have colonised the Earth with the intention to stay for a long term, as they are seeking out the lifeform that is best suited for life on this planet. Not surprisingly, this turns out to be the human shape, and of course several female Inbit get involved with the group -- most notably Aisha, who has lost her memory of being an Inbit. Stig and her get something going, but of course Stig is too indoctrinated to be able to think of Aisha as anything else than the hated Inbit.

The rest of the gang is made up of pretty amusing characters, with the exception of Mint, who is a horribly irritating brat. I especially liked Ray: he's a good-natured guy whose survival skills save their skins more than once. When I watched it these many moons ago, it was Yellow (a cross-dressing soldier moonlighting as pop-idol (!)) who was my hero -- perhaps it was the long hair. ;)

The directing isn't really good, there are some weird cuts. The animation is so-so (some of the transformation sequences aren't really detailed), and the opening song is horrible. And still, the emotions of the characters carry the series. My fond memories of this series in its Robotech incarnation might have colored my perception, but klik liked it too -- so it can't be all that bad.

My verdict: a 8.5 if you saw Robotech, a 6.5 otherwise.

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