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Truckers with LEDs

I don't know what it is, but truckers in the Netherlands often have special numberplates lying on their dashboard, with the names of their loved ones stamped on them. It is not uncommon to see a truck with numberplates with "TOOS" and "CHANILLIA" on them driving around.
One can draw two conclusions from this: truckers want to broadcast that they actually do have a family to the rest of the world (they themselves can't read the plates, because they're lying on the dashboard with the letters behind the windscreen), and they have a tendency to name their children with "speshul" names.

On Tuesday, en-route to my course, I saw a truck with two large LED panels instead of number plates. Which is, of course, a brilliant innovation! Think of it: not only can you broadcast the names of your loved ones even in the dark, you can also change your loyalties at the drop of a hat!

Had a messy divorce? Just tap a few keys and the name of your ex-wife is gone from the LED board! Is the big game of your favourite soccer team more important than your family? Just tap a few keys and you can tell the rest of the world where your sympathies lie. Did the tournament/game end? Just change it back to your family's names!
But it gets even better! Suppose you have a family in the Netherlands, but you have a mistress in Poland. Somewhere in the middle of Germany, you just change the name of your wife into the name of your mistress, erase the names of your kids, and no-one need to be any wiser. Just don't forget to change it back on your way back to the Netherlands.
Or maybe you can rent out that space for advertisements! The possibilities are endless!

This is an excellent example of how technology is improve the lives of people all around the world. LED-driven happiness!
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