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First episode reviews

Some of this batch is actually quite old, so I'll go through them quickly to catch up!

BALDR FORCE EXE Resolution: Cyberpunkish, with neural computer interfaces that, when overloaded, makes your brain explode... Some hackers get smoked, and one of them gets off the hook by taking a job with the guys who arrested them. Now he is on the other side of the fence, protecting the networks against evil hackers. Lots of CGI and mecha-battles in cyberspace, not that interesting.

Tokyo Tribe 2: Gangland violence in Tokyo. Cozy boy-group hangs out at some family restaurant, and they get on the wrong side of die-hard criminals... Lots of sex and violence, sometimes intermingled. Also, the eyebrows gave me nightmares.

Mai Otome Zwei: OVA series, continuation of the Mai Otome series. Funnily enough, it begins with the resolution to a crisis which in itself could have been the culmination of a whole series. But then there is a new threat to the peace, and the Otome have to fight again!
Basically, more of the same -- which might not be a bad thing at all.

ETO Rangers: In some idyllic country live lots of antropomorphised animals. But evil demons attack the world, which is suspended above the ocean on a tunnel made out of books! Twelve animals (not surprisingly, the twelve animals from the Chinese Zodiac) are tasked with evicting the demons from the stories in the books!
I don't know who dreamt up this plot, or what he drank/smoked/snorted just before that... Quite genki, in a childish sort of way. Also, eleven years old, which shows in the animation quality.

Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA continues the saga of our catholic schoolgirls and their obessions on eachother. This time, Yumi gets invited over to Sachiko's family summer house, and gets into trouble: other rich girls have their family summer house in the same surroundings, and they are jealous of the attention Sachiko bestows upom Yumi! But through her usual commoner charm, Yumi avoids embarassment...
What can I say? It's MariaMite, and you should by now know if you want to see this or not. I know I do.

DiGi Charat: Winter Garden: Instead of the usual "preschoolers on crack", this is actually a whole different type of DiGi Charat. It tells the story of a girl who works in a cake shop. On christmas eve, she gets some leftovers from the store to take home and to share with her younger sister, but she trips on the way home. A boy exchanges his cake with her smashed bits and pieces. Of course, they are fated to meet again after that...
Nicely animated and slow-paced, heavy on the moe. Typical 'slowmance'.

SHUFFLE! Memories: Recaps of the series, apparently.

Rozen Maiden Ouverture: A side-story and/or deepening of the plot of Rozen Maiden Träumend. It delves deeper into the relationship between Shinku and Suiguintou. You already know if you want to watch it or not based on that description alone -- I don't think I have the patience.

Nodame Cantabile: Chiaki studies piano at a music school in Japan, but his dream is to become a conductor like his father. Unfortunately, he gets into an argument with his teacher, who dumps him -- now he has to study under a teacher who gets all the 'hopeless' cases. And he has to work together with Noda, a slobby girl who happens to live next door to him and who has an aazing talent to play the piano, in a rather unrefined way...
It looks and 'feels' a lot like Honey & Clover: same style, same humour, and probably the same "coming of age" theme. One to watch.
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