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Devaluation of hardware

This weekend, I assembled a budget PC for my father-in-law. He wanted a new computer, but due to several factors there was no budget allocated to that purchase. So I shopped around a bit, and used some components I had still lying around.

I was a bit miffed when I found out that the cheapest hardware available right now is exactly the same as my system -- which was top-of-the-bill when I bought it...

It still serves me well. The only times I hit 100% CPU is when transcoding video, and that is done in nearly real-time, so I have no reasons to upgrade. And he is not exactly a power-user, so it will serve him well too.

We bought an Arctic Cooling Silentium T1 case, which is a case designed to minimize noise. Excellent value for money, but it gets minus points for making the SATA power supply cable too short.
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