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At TOJ, "caching" meant "webserver-side caching of dynamically generated content". But these days, when I write "caching", I mean geocaching.

The weather was pretty bad today, but we decided to venture out for a cache none the less. The second-closest cache to our home was GCRQCE, which was previously the end-point of a series of eight mico-caches. They are now all independent (and one has vanished), but the endpoint has a clue as to where the final cache is.
At first, we thought the weather would be too bad to venture out, but after some deliberation we wanted to go anyway. We hopped in the car and quickly found the location of the micro-cache. The micro-cache (a photo-film container) contained a hint as to where the cache itself lay -- and it was a good thing we had our compass with us!

We had to do down the dike towards the river -- and we both slipped on the muddy path, almost at the same exact time... Well, no use getting upset about it, so we trodded onwards, while behind us a car stopped. A group of kids piled out of the car, looking for something... Hmmm...
And sure enough, while we were making our way towards the place where the final cache was supposed to be, we saw them follow us. Eventually they caught up with us. As was expected, they were fellow geocachers. We chatted a bit and searched for the cache together, and a member of the other team found the cache.

They had quite a few travel bugs, and we grabbed one that wants to visit castles and other fortifications -- there is a ringfort on the Waal close to this cache, and we have a 'Geodate' with a friend who is fascinated by maps to do that one in two weeks.

We walked back together, and we spotted a pair of people with a GPS unit walking in the direction of the cache... Sure enough, they logged the cache 40 minutes after we did. Quite a busy spot!
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