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HD-DVD DRM cracked

Content on both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray have so-called Title Keys, that are used to decrypt the content on the disc. Plays have keys as well, which are used to decrypt the Title Keys (as far as I understand it).
Of course, the player key has to be given to the user, because the user has to have access to the content. But the user is also the attacker in a DRM scenario, which is why the crypto just never will make any sense.

Some smart guy extracted the player key from a version of PowerDVD (probably using a memory map), and used that to decrypt the Title Keys from his HD-DVD discs.
This is another perfect example how DRM will not stop determined users from enacting their Fair Use rights (and put the content on a BitTorrent tracker), while your mom and dad will never be able to use the content as they want/are used to.

HD-DVD hasn't even taken off yet, and it is already cracked. Way to go, guys.
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