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Here is a (translation of a) article that reasons that outsourcing is "hollowing out" the Japanese animation industry.

The gist of the article is that entry-level positions, such as in-betweeners, are out-sourced to Korea and China. This means there are fewer positions for that available in Japan, which means that there is less chance of recruiting talent that will be able to rise to greatness. And if you follow that chain of reasoning, you will find the conclusion that within a generation, there will be no animation industry left in Japan.

This situation arises everywhere where work is outsourced -- even though the article claims animation is special because it is creative, the same could be said of software engineering.
Basically, society does not want to pay reasonable salaries to people in entry-level positions, when the same work can be done by drones in some other country for less money. While that is all fine and dandy, you can not expect jobless/untrained people to grow up to be the next generation of leaders. If you want to grow the next crop of visionaries, you will have to nurture that talent. That means entry-level positions in any field that pay a decent living wage.
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