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Some time ago, when klik was ill, she picked up the GBA with Golden Sun to play in bed -- being ill gets kinda boring after a few days. She finished the game, and then I suggested hooking up the PSX to play one of the many fine console RPGs we have lying around.

She chose Suikoden -- a game I had finished a few years ago. She started fresh, and she sped through the game with only a little help from me. I am quite lazy: I don't enjoy walking around to level up my characters on the random encounters, and I didn't collect all 108 characters.
klik is a completist: she got all the characters (with a little bit of help with a walkthrough, admittedly), and she consistently levelled up across the board. Who needs a bath-boy of level 29? Well, klik wanted that, so she took him along on several 'excursions'...

Yesterday, we did the final fight. And even though she had stocked up on all sorts of Mega Medicine and had gotten everyone a Sacrificial Buddha, she hardly needed those. She tore through the palace like it was nothing. Through all her hard work, she had in fact become stronger than the game had anticipated you to be by the time the end loomed.

Now she is playing Suikoden II (though unfortunately we only found an NTSC version, which means she can't load her savegames from the first game, which we played in PAL version)...
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