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Finished series: Gakuen Heaven

We've finished watching Gakuen Heaven. My first episode review is here.

Ito Keita receives an admission paper from a prestiguous school, even though he has no special talents. His school-life comes off on a rocky start, as he gets into a motorcycle accident while being picked up by the president of the student union.
His neighbour in the dorms, Kazuki, seems to know him from some time ago, and seems to be attracted to him (even though Keita seems oblivious of it at first).

There is some plot, but it's not much. Most of it is that Kazuki is secretly the director of the board of the school, and that he and Keita have known each other from way back, even though Keita forgot.
The vice-principal is a plant who tries to sell off the research done in the school (because the school is actually the property of a large company), and who tries to oust Kazuki from his position. He challenges Kazuki's decision to admit Keita -- in the end, Kazuki and Keita have to win some sort of scavenger hunt to be able to stay together. Luckily, their friends help them defeat the thugs the vice-principal hired to keep them from winning!

So, don't expect much plot-wise. But the plot is not the main attraction: it's the relationships between young hot men who have too much time on their hands! However, don't expect anything too graphic to happen -- some episodes start with amusing double-entendres, but it's only Kazuki and Keita who are an Item. (And then they only get a single kiss, too.)

Every episode is followed by a short segment called "Ham-Ham Heaven", featuring the cast as... hamsters. These segments are as pointless as the episodes themselves.

Graphically, there is little wrong with the looks of the series. The character designs are quite detailed and the whole stable of character archetypes is present. There isn't much animation, though -- most of the series is people walking around or talking.

The music is forgettable. There is the ultra-hyper opening theme, but the rest is pretty bland and fails to make any impression whatsoever.

Good points:
- Amusing, unpretentious series;
- Well-rounded cast of characters;
- Boy's Love, if that's your thing.
Bad points:
- Boy's Love, if that's not your thing.

All in all, a 7.
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