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Coding the segment driver

I have been writing the code for the segment driver. I think it's the most complex piece of code I have produced for the PIC to date.

In my first year in university, I had to write my own higher-level programming language using gpm, a macro processor. With some 'simple' text substitutions, we were able to write while- and for-next-loops -- the output were 1s and 0s that we ran in a SPARC emulator, which produced some real results.

Coding this particular piece of assembly, I spend a lot of time hand-crafting loops and if-then-else statements. These things are easy to get wrong, resulting in unpredictable behaviour, and I would love to use a higher-level programming language for those parts.
But as it is, I have very little working memory left for variables, and I really like being able to have minute control of what the PIC is doing. And the whole business with pointers is a disaster waiting to happen if you don't have that level of control.

Sure, most programming languages allow you to mix in assembly, but I think I'll keep at it in assembly, rather than debugging the mix of the two.
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