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Doin' tech stuff

You know, I am a geek -- so I am quite comfortably with technology that has CPU's in 'em: VCRs, DVD players, computers, game consoles, the works. But my 'specialisation' in chip-sporting technology also means that I am quite intimidated by technology that's not electronic in nature: light fixtures, our car, washing machines, stuff like that.
Yesterday, we found out that the right headlight of our car was broken. And we had two defect halogen-lights at home. So today we kicked ourselves into gear and fixed all of that! klik is much more pratical than me in such matters, so she repaired the headlight while I checked the oil and refilled the reservoir for the windscreen washer. And later on we got new halogen lights and fixed the light situation at home too!

We now have a spare set of carlights in our trunk -- I once spent an hour twiddling with a defect headlight (two of 'em!) of the car of Babske's parents. I want to be able to fix minor things like that on the spot, because they greatly influence the safety of your journey, no matter where you go.

So I'm feeling pretty good about us -- and we also watched 7 episodes of Mospeada! I'm thinking of making an icon of the eyecatch, but haven't decided on which image.

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