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Happiness is set in a world where some people have a talent for magic. One of these people is Kamisaka, who got interested in magic after being rescued by a magician-boy when she was a little girl. She now studies at a highschool that is divided in a 'magic section' and a 'regular section'.
When valentine's day approaches, Kamisaka shops for chocolate, and she sees some boys bullying a girl. But once again a boy comes to the rescue -- it's one of her schoolmates from the regular section (whom she doesn't know all that well). Due to various circumstances, she ends up giving her valentine's chocolate to him. That night, the magic section is hit by an explosion, and their two classes are integrated!
Sure, it could be fun, but so far the magic is taking a backseat to the usual fluttering of a 'cute' girl. We'll have to watch a second episode to be sure.

Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo stars Mamoru, a young green-haired boy who lives in a world where some people have a super-power called 'Beatrice'. (Just exactly what it is is not explained to us, but it is something really awesome because it enables schoolgirls to toss Mercedes cars around like it's nothing...) On his first day of school, he meets Ayako under a cherry blossom tree, and she is immediately smitten with him.
Only later does he find out that she is the most feared Beatrice user in the school, and her violent outbursts are legendary! But Mamoru seems to have melted her heart a bit. He is soon used by the student council to manipulate Ayako in cooperating with them. And then some sort of apparatus that will enable non-Beatrice users to use that power is stolen from the school research labs!
It's pretty weird and Ayako is randomly destructive (mostly towards cars, though). It's decently animated and has a few pantyshots during slow moments to keep you interested. ;)

Hataraki Man is about Hiroko, an editor for a weekly magazine. She is constantly overworked, as is her boyfriend. However, she just can't be half-hearted about her work -- when she gets information about a scandal involving a politician, she activates her 'Hataraki-Man' ("Working man") switch, and she works like a maniac to write those articles!
When not in Hataraki-mode, she spends a lot of time contemplating her way of life -- but she is unable to change her lifestyle. Her work is her life, even if she doesn't like it.
I think a lot of young, ambitious people are like Hiroko -- stressed out, constantly tired, working too much. Which is why it is a very interesting series, and it's nicely animated as well.

Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi is about a ronin, Yuki, who wanders around looking for a way to eat. Unfortunately, wanderers are treated poorly and locked into a ghetto -- something Yuki isn't looking forward to. He meets a woman and a boy, wanderers like himself. Then one day, the boy digs up a monster from another world, and the dormant powers in Yuki are awakened!
Set in a historical period, promises some big fights against monsters/youkai/kami. Nicely animated in a realistic style.

Corda D'Oro is set in another highschool with two sections: there's the regular section (the one Kahoko attends) and the music section. Every year there is a concours, and the music students are always curious who will be good enough to compete. Kahoko has no musical talent, but when she encounters the fairy that inspired the founding of the music school, she is chosen to participate in the concours. The fairy gives her a magical violin as well, and due to circumstances Kahoko is forced to use it...!
Lots of pretty boys to vie for Kahoko's attention later on, and some comedy in the form of the fairy. The character designs and the animation are okay but nothing special, and it remains to be seen if this is going to be of any interest.

Also being subbed:
Candy Candy, one that I remember from my youth. (Showing my age here, I guess.) Around here, when you tell people about Japanese animation, a large portion of them say: "Oh, right, with the large eyesm like Candy Candy!"

GeGeGe no Kitarou, extremely old from 1968. Black and white. Animation and designs are what you would expect from something that old.
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