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Bartender is about.. a bartender. Ryuu Sasakura runs the 'Eden Hall', where he serves his customers cocktails with great attention to detail. One night, his client is a frustrated designer who dislikes bars -- but he is tasked with remodeling a hotel bar. Needless to say, this job doesn't go as smoothly as planned, and he ends up in Eden Hall. Ryuu serves him a cocktail that opens his eyes on what a true bar should be...!
Really slow paced, with designs that are nothing special. Still, I liked it. And the cocktail recipes during the ending theme are amusing.

Code Geass (with character designs by CLAMP) plays out in 2017, seven years after the New Britanian Empire conquered Japan with their mecha. The Japanese (called "elevens", because the live in "Sector 11") and live under the jackbooted heel of the opressors who treat them like second-class citizens (because they are). Lelouch, a highschool student, gets mixed up in a terrorist attack, and witnesses the brutality of the Britanians first-hand, which hardens his resolve to do away with the Britanian Empire.
This is a pretty brutal series -- the Britanian army doesn't have any problems with killing lots of people just because it suits them. Quite disturbing and interesting.
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