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Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru: Mizuho is a well-bred boy. But his grandfather's dying wish is that he would attend the same school as Mizuho's (deceased) mother. There is one slight problem: it is a catholic all-girls school! His childhood friend who does attend the school transforms him into a girl, and only the headnun and a teacher know of Mizuho's true identity...
Again a gender-bending series. This one is slightly ecchi (we do get some catholic schoolgirl pantyshots), and somehow Mizuho is too weak to protest anything that is happening to him. Obviously, he will fall in love with one of the girls, which will make for lots of hijinx. Standard moe designs as well.

Sumomo mo Momo mo: Momoko is the daughter of a martial artist -- the only child. Unfortunately, she (being a woman) is too weak to master the strongest technique of the family. But there is a solution: if she finds a strong man, their child will be even stronger, and the family's technique will be preserved!
Momoko sets out to find the son of one of her father's fellow martial artists -- but this boy has turned into a coward and a dullard, who wants to be a prosecutor. Momoko's forwardness is not well-received by him (even though his father doesn't see any problem in highschool kids having a kid together...).
A bit of violence, a bit ecchiness... It's hard to be enthousiastic about this series -- it's like Magikano with martial arts, with the female characters having less personality.

Other series being subbed this season:
Negima!?: follow-up of Mahou Sensei Negima. We haven't watched the first series yet, so we can't really comment on this new series.
Cho Majin Eiyuden Wataru: a 'retro-sub' of a '97 series. Wataru's heart is extracted by a demon, and he gets a demon's heart in return. Then he starts to beat up other schoolkids. And then we turned it off. Judging from the intro, it would turn into some sort of fantasy 'defeat the demons to get your heart back'-quest.
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