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Ghost Hunt is about, well, hunting ghosts. The highschool Mai goes to has (just like every highschool in Japan?) an old derelict wooden building on the school grounds. There are numerous rumours about the ghosts and spirits that supposedly haunt the old school. The building figures frequently in the ghost stories Mai and her two friends are fond of telling eachother.
One day Mai almost knocks over a camera, and in the ensuing shuffle someone gets hurt. This turns out to be the assistant of Shibuya Psychic Research -- and so now Mai has to fill in for him! Shibuya ('Narcistic Naru') is conducting an investigation, but the principal has asked other people to check out the building as well, which results in some interesting clash of personalities.
It's pretty unpretentious. The opening and ending animation are pretty cool but very basic, it's not trying to be 'cute'. It's fun to see how the various ghost hunters react to eachother, with Mai in the middle. Pretty good for what it is trying to be.

Yamato Nadeshiko Shich Henge is about four bishounen who live in a large mansion. The owner of the mansion promises to waive the rent, if the four boys manage to make her niece, who is coming to stay at the mansion, a real lady! The four, quite confident in their looks and ability to win over any female, agree (after which the owner leaves per helicopter!).
But the niece turns out to be a gloomy girl who doesn't take care of herself. Her room is dark and creepy, and she refuses to interact with the four. Much consternation ensues as the two sides realise just what they have gotten into.
This is a pretty random series. Lots of shouting and weird graphics. The character designs look a bit like those from Peach Girl, actually. Comedy is always a bit hit-or-miss, but so far it's pretty okay.
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