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Lovely Idol starts off with two different groups of six idol girls singing a song in front of an all-male audience. And then the third group gets to hear they're not good enough (yet) to get on the stage and sing with their seniors! Their manager, who prepared the first two "batches" is astounded, but the girls are determined to work even harder to get on that stage soon!
Sleep-inducing, overly 'moe' and just not interesting.

Busou Renkin starts off with lots of foreshadowing in the first three minutes! Kazuki dreams that he dies when trying to save a girl from a huge snake-like monster, but wakes up in his bed anyway. The next morning he has to weed the back garden, and it is revealed to him that he actually did die but was revived with the help of alchemy. The snake-monster is actually a homunculus, and the girl he tried to save was a Weapons Alchemist, who fights the homunculi! Obviously Kazuki gets involved...
I'm not so sure about this one. The animation is decent enough, though nothing special. I am a bit worried that this will turn into a 'homunculus of the week' kind of deal.
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