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New anime

We've checked out a new batch of new anime this evening.

Red Garden, Gonzo's offering for this season. The setting is modern-day New York. The series starts off with some unmarked cars ferrying sleeping girls to and fro, depositing them in their beds. One car is attacked though...
The next morning finds four girls, who all go to the same exclusive highschool, feeling slightly ill and unable to remember what they did last night. And one of their classmates is found in the bushes, dead... At the end of the day the four (all different in their attitudes and behaviour, obviously -- otherwise it wouldn't be fun!) find themselves in the same spot -- called as it were by butterflies only they can see. And then they are attacked by some kind of monster...
As to be expected from Gonzo, this series looks great. The character designs are in a semi-realistic style, which works quite well with the New York setting. The episodes oozes a mysterious atmosphere -- like the X-Files when it still was any good. The opening animation is quite something as well.

Super Robot Wars Original Generation - Divine Wars (phew! what a title!) tells the story of a plucky teenager whose mother is in the hospital. He is a gamer, and he has reached the final of some sort of robot-piloting tournament! His opponent doesn't take him seriously and handily defeats him.
But wait! Then bug-like robots attack the stadium, and his cousin gets stuck under the debris! But wait! A military commander unpacks a Gespenst Mark II for our hero to try out, so that he can clear the debris! But wait! Our hero gets attacked by a bug! But wait! Our hero manages to defeat the bug-robot! But wait! More bugs arrive!
I don't know what it is with these shounen-type series, but it's heavy on shouting and light on story -- and you can see it all coming from miles away. Still, it is all excellently animated, especially the robots, which are done in cell-shaded CGI.
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